Consultancy for outdoor organisations & work-at-height operations

Who is it meant for?

  • Adventure tourism companies: You organise recreation based vehicle safaris, hikes, scrambles and climbs in mountains.
  • Outdoor education institutions: Your overall set of programmes is for various age groups. Your courses and trips address varied goals. The experiences you offer range across different formats, the settings for which could be urban premises, rural countryside or wilderness areas.
  • Adventure set-ups (like ropes courses): Your resources include low and/or high ropes courses and/or mobile ropes courses that you set up impromptu in new areas chosen for one or few programmes.
  • Leadership Teams heading outdoors based organisations: You are exploring ways of enhancing your organisation’s functioning by reviewing processes like risk management and documentation. You may be aiming for eventual ISO certification or accreditation.
  • Hiking & mountaineering clubs: You are a non-profit organisation that is a platform for personal trips in outdoors.

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How will it help you?

My consultancy includes the following:

  • Review of existing operations and suggestions for further steps to enhance those operations in the context of safety requirements and organisational goals
  • Risk management reviews and HIRA for specific sites
  • Documentation covering overall organisational functioning including SOPs and competencies
  • Guidance for certification under ISO Standard for Adventure Tourism 21101:2014, and accreditation with Association for Experiential Education
  • Skills training for people across levels, ranging from top leadership to field experts – this includes people skills (aka ‘soft skills’) and hard skills involving rope management

    How do I provide it?

    • Extensive communication and interaction, undertaken electronically and through personal visits
    • I work in teams with members having requisite qualifications and experience as necessary
    • As needed: deliverables in the form of reports with observations, suggestions & recommendations, assessment documents, documents like SOPs & templates, etc.


    “…the training was a unique experience that helped members learn new aspects of leadership qualities… TSAF wanted people to take outdoor activities seriously. We linked up with the US body to benchmark our outdoor leadership programme. The participants of our programmes will certainly benefit a lot as we can now pass on the tips given to us by Saxer and Pandit.” (2010)

    Bachendri Pal, ex-Director of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, in ‘The Telegraph’

    In April 2018, Hanifl Centre decided to apply for accreditation by the Association of Experiential Education, USA. Shantanu was invited as a consultant for writing the first draft of the ‘Self-Assessment Study’ document and played a key part as the document was finalized into a 600-page submission. Hanifl Centre got its accreditation in April 2020.

    Krishnan Kutty, ex-Executive-Director, Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education of Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India


    My relevant background

      Guidance for Outdoor People, Shantanu Pandit, Outdoor Pandit, Guidance for Hikers, Guidance for Outdoor Persons
      • As instructor at National Outdoor Leadership School (, U.S.A., undertook review of Himalayan leadership programme of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, India
      • Assignment for ‘Club Mahindra’ ( of resorts – forming risk management policy, Standard Operating Procedures, reviews of existing adventure services and provide training for staff

      • Generated the first draft of the Self Assessment Study undertaken for Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education of Woodstock School, India ( for the purpose of accreditation to Standard for Experiential Education of AEE, U.S.A

      • Generated set of documents covering HIRA and SOPs for work-at-height needed for putting up meshes to cover freshly excavated slopes at a specific site in Odisha

      • Completed ‘Risk Management for Outdoor Programs Course’ conducted by Viristar (

      While my blog has a lot of material that covers basics and a bit more, I also provide more material as and when needed…

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